Neural Synergy

Bringing Health Through Light.

Hello! I’m Nina Cook,
a Certified Light Therapist.

I’m here to help you find your sense of wellbeing. I have chosen light therapy as my practice modality because it’s a quick, non-invasive, and drug-free way to enhance individual health and wellness. Light therapy is as diverse as the client, empowering individuals to become agents of their own health and life.

The Science Within Your Cells

Us humans are essentially beings of light—we have evolved in a world fueled by the sun, the energy source of our planet & broader solar system. Our daily habits, lifestyle, and environment contribute either to the strengthening of our body’s energy systems or to the weakening of them. Light therapy helps restore balance to those systems, allowing our body’s energy to flow freely.

We’re all a bit out-of-sorts. Though we try to maintain our health and wellbeing through a balanced lifestyle, at some points, life gets the better of us. Light therapy is a powerful reset tool in our self-care repertoire.

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Our Services

In-Clinic Light Therapy Sessions

Reap the benefits of multiple systems of light therapy. Develop a personalized care plan. Decrease pain and maximize performance.

Provider Partnerships

Implement light therapy into your medical, health, or wellness facility. Offer programs and products with your clientele in mind. Maximize service outcomes.

Community Engagement

Local & global informational sessions and workshops. Empowering individuals and communities to be agents of their health and life. Integrate knowledge and inspire creative progress.

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